White Rose Office Park to ‘Go Green’ in June 2019
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White Rose Office Park to ‘Go Green’ in June 2019

By White Rose Park June 2019

This month, we will be launching our ‘Go Green’ campaign at White Rose Office Park, further cementing our long term efforts to make the park better for all.

It has always been important to us to encourage a healthy lifestyle through several initiatives that benefit both our employees and the environment. Schemes like ‘Borrow a bike’ and Liftshare help provide our employees with opportunities to work sustainably.

Across the month, we will be focusing on a new initiative each week to ensure that we continue to make a positive contribution to the environment. All of our integrated services aim to provide the optimum experience for all during their time at the White Rose Office Park, and we believe that our Go Green campaign will amplify this.

Week One – Wellness
Monday 3rd June – Sunday 9th June

The first week of our campaign will focus on promoting ‘Wellness’ throughout the park, encouraging all employees to make conscious choices to lead a healthier lifestyle. We believe that employees work better when happy, and promoting mindfulness is something we have identified as strengthening our on-site community.

On Friday 7th June we will be providing free fresh fruit for all employees in The Hub, our on-site catering facility which brings together employees from all of our occupiers. Employees will be offered one piece of fresh fruit per person from a selection of green and red apples, oranges and bananas when they get to the tills.

Week Two – Bike Week
Monday 10th June – Sunday 16th June

To coincide with Bike Week 2019, we will be placing a particular focus on promoting our various cycling schemes which help our employees to lead an active lifestyle as well as reducing the number of carbon emissions associated with driving to work.

Our ‘Borrow a bike’ scheme allows all on-site employees to use one of our three bikes for up to two weeks at a time at no cost. Employees simply book a bike using our dedicated intranet system and collect from security. We also operate a bike buddy scheme, ideal for slightly more apprehensive or first-time bikers, or those who wish to meet people with a common interest.

Week Three – Clean Air
Monday 17th June – Sunday 23rd June

At White Rose Office Park, we have always strived to encourage those on-site to consider greener alternatives to driving to work. In reducing carbon emissions, we can maintain a sustainable park for all.

To celebrate Clean Air Day in the UK on Thursday 20th June, we will be promoting our Liftshare scheme on the park, which is free to use and allows employees to car share with other employees, thus reducing carbon emissions and easing congestion on the roads. Those signed up to Liftshare by 5pm on Thursday 20th June will receive a voucher for a free treat in The Hub.

Week Four – Sustainability
Monday 24th June – Sunday 30th June

The final week of our campaign focuses on sustainability. On Friday 28th June we will be dimming lights in communal areas of the park to highlight the benefits of saving energy, as well as allowing employees to reconsider their energy usage on a regular basis.

As part of the wider Go Green campaign, and, to coincide with Sustainability Week, we will also be striving to reduce the amount of single-use plastic used on-site over the course of the month. By encouraging everyone on-site to use greener alternatives, we aim to draw attention to a new, environmentally friendlier way of operation, that hopefully continues beyond the end of the month.

Our Go Green campaign is a culmination of everything we do continually to ensure that our employees have every opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are extremely excited to share our initiatives with all employees at the park, as well as taking significant steps to maintain an office park that is sustainable for all.

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