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65% of workers prefer sustainable workplaces: White Rose Park’s commitment

By White Rose Park June 2024

Office buildings are known for consuming a lot of energy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sustainable office buildings are becoming increasingly popular, and for many employees, they’re non-negotiable.

However, staying sustainable is about more than just switching off the lights. It’s about creating and maintaining a place where environmental initiatives are part of everyday operations, not just something to shout about.

A 2020 Unily survey revealed that over 65% of office workers prefer to work for companies with strong environmental policies. This shows that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet – it’s also a big plus for your business. At White Rose Park, we strive to make a meaningful impact, benefitting not only your business and team, but also our environment.

Why are green offices so important?

While traditional factors like location and amenities are still crucial, there’s a growing demand for office spaces that are low carbon and high quality. With over half of workers prioritising sustainability, what does having your office in a green building mean for your business?

  • Less energy consumed: Green offices use energy-efficient systems and renewable energy sources, leading to big savings on the utility bills.
  • Improved employee wellbeing: Sustainable buildings often feature better ventilation and non-toxic materials, which improves air quality and contributes to a healthier, more comfortable work environment. Happy planet, happy people!
  • Enhanced brand reputation: Committing to sustainability boosts your company’s image, demonstrating corporate social responsibility and attracting eco-conscious clients and employees.

How we’re working towards a cleaner, greener future

Our Grid Edge solution

We’ve teamed up with Linear Control Systems and Trustek to make White Rose Park smarter and greener than ever. With cutting-edge technology like data analysis, AI, and machine learning, our new Grid Edge solution is set to constantly fine-tune our operations, helping slash carbon emissions and cut our costs along the way.

Linear Control Systems, experts in building energy management systems (BEMS), are committed to creating smarter, more sustainable buildings. Meanwhile, Trustek bridges the gap between technology and commercial properties, ensuring that innovative solutions like Grid Edge are both practical and impactful in the real world.

We’re excited to collaborate with these industry leaders to drive our journey toward a Net Zero future, creating a workplace that aligns with your sustainability goals.

Just a week into launching Grid Edge at White Rose Park, the system is already hard at work. It’s pinpointed where our equipment is overworking and found opportunities to save energy and money. This means that we’ll be looking at an impressive annual reduction of 66 tonnes of carbon emissions – a significant milestone for businesses striving for sustainability!

Energy and waste reduction

Even before our Grid Edge partnership, reducing energy and waste has always been a top priority for us.

Our buildings are designed with sustainability at their core. Using energy-efficient materials and innovative design principles, we keep energy consumption and carbon emissions to a minimum. We’re proud that 100% of our energy comes from renewable sources, thanks to our on-site solar panels. This means that cleaner, greener energy is powering businesses on our campus.

Plus, we don’t like to use extra energy where it’s not needed. All our food is sourced from local farmers, drastically reducing food miles and ensuring we can support our surrounding community. As a result, any of the meals that our community grabs from Oliver’s, our on-site restaurant, will be made with fresh, tasty ingredients from nearby farms.

And when it comes to waste, we work hard to recycle 99.8% of it. By encouraging proper waste disposal among our community and visitors, we make sure everything is recycled or thrown away responsibly. It’s a few simple steps that help make a huge difference.

Bringing biodiversity to the office

We’re committed to creating an environment where both your employees and the local ecosystem can thrive. That’s why we’ve introduced a touch of nature to enhance our office surroundings:

  • Wildlife: From bug hotels to bird feeders to bee hives, we’ve established safe habitats for wildlife on-site – playing a vital role in preserving local biodiversity.
  • Green spaces: Our Wildflower Meadow is a vibrant green space that promotes biodiversity and offers a tranquil spot to relax during the busy workday. Plus, we have built planters throughout the Park to improve our surroundings and further provide a space for our wildlife.

By incorporating greenery and nature into White Rose Park, we’ve created a more welcoming and relaxing environment for our community (and the local wildlife) to enjoy.

Leaving the car at home

When it comes to helping make our operations more sustainable, our actions are not just confined to the workplace – it extends to how our community actually gets to work too.

  • EV Charging: Plug into the future with our EV charging points on campus, and keep an eye out for the 150 more we plan to install by 2027. With more and more people switching to electric vehicles, we’re making it easier to power up.
  • Active Travel: Our nearby walking and cycling routes help your employees step into a healthier lifestyle. Not only does this help promote fitness amongst your team, which in turn helps improve their wellbeing and productivity at work, but it also helps to reduce air and noise pollution by cutting down on car journeys. Similarly, our bike loan services and sheds means it’s easy to pedal into White Rose Park, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Public Transport: Thanks to our central location and easy access to public transport options like buses and trains, getting here is easy. Reducing the reliance on cars is a great way to make a small step towards a more sustainable workplace.

By offering a list of eco-friendly transport options, we’re not just reducing our environmental footprint; we’re also encouraging your employees to live healthier lifestyles – a win-win!

Leading by example at White Rose Park

In a market filled with mentions of ESG and sustainability, it’s easy to question which initiatives are genuine. That’s why it’s important to make sure your office campus is doing its best to move towards sustainable working. At White Rose Park, we’re committed to walking the walk when it comes to environmental responsibility.

From our innovative partnerships driving towards a Net Zero future to our efforts in promoting biodiversity and sustainable transport options, every aspect of our operations is geared towards making a positive difference for our people and our planet.

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