Planning permission granted for new White Rose Railway Station in South Leeds
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Planning permission granted for new White Rose Railway Station in South Leeds

By White Rose Park June 2020

We are delighted that Leeds City Council has granted planning permission for a new proposed White Rose Railway Station to improve connectivity in the south of the city.

The northwest boundary of the White Rose Office Park and Millshaw Park Industrial Estate, between Churwell viaduct to the north and Walkers Bridge to the south has been earmarked for the development.

Proposed White Rose Rail Station

Credit: ADP

The project is a partnership between our owner Munroe K and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, and was first proposed in 2018. It will see the nearby Cottingley station being relocated to this new location, as a report on the development states ‘it is unlikely that two stations that are so close together can be fully sustained.’

Leeds City Council approved the planning application earlier this week, with the project being held as an exemplar of how private and public sector collaboration can speed up the delivery of large infrastructure projects in the north.

It is hoped that the station will give better opportunities for people to access jobs at the White Rose Office Park, White Rose Shopping Centre and Millshaw Industrial Estate, as well as optimising connections for local residents who wish to access Leeds City Centre and beyond.

New footpaths and cycleways will also be built to ensure easy access to the rail station from nearby communities including Beeston, Cottingley and Churwell.

The surrounding Public Rights of Way will also be upgraded and improved to provide well-lit, level and safe pedestrian routes.

Proposed White Rose Rail Station

Credit: Insider

Speaking on the development, our owner David Aspin said: “We are delighted that planning permission has been granted to build the railway station that will undoubtedly improve the transport connections both within south Leeds and the wider city.”

“Our partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Leeds City Council and Network Rail has helped to make this proposal become reality. It is a testament to how collaboration can help to make significant progress in providing better connectivity in Leeds and the North.”

As part of the ongoing Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme, the speed in which infrastructure projects like this can go from concept to delivery is an indicator of how cooperation between the private and public sector can drive significant positive change in the north of England.

Speaking on the importance of this cooperation, Coun Kim Groves, chair of WYCA’s Transport Committee, said: “This new station serving the White Rose Office Park will result in improved transport links across the area and will act as a catalyst for local regeneration and housing growth, economic activity and jobs in the surrounding area. It will help transform South Leeds and provide new opportunities for the communities of Cottingley, Churwell and Millshaw and Morley.”

“Rail stations play an important role in supporting the local economy, linking people to vital services and opportunities and achieving our environmental commitments.”

The planned opening date of the White Rose Railway Station will be in May 2022.

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