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Connecting communities: Proposed plans for Leeds’ £2bn future tram network

By White Rose Park March 2024

Big news! Thanks to considerable efforts from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, plans are underway for a new tram system that is set to revolutionise transportation in Leeds and Bradford.

As part of West Yorkshire’s Mass Transit System, this ambitious project is poised to bring smoother journeys, promote sustainable travel, and foster greater connectivity among communities across the region, including those working at White Rose Park.

The proposed plan

At its core, the Mass Transit System is a comprehensive public transport network designed to integrate various modes of travel, including cycling, walking, buses, trams and trains.

Backed by a substantial £2 billion investment, the concept is the implementation of a cutting-edge tram system, with two key lines currently planned for Leeds and Bradford.

The Leeds Line, connecting St James’s Hospital to the White Rose Shopping Centre, is set to be a game-changer for the White Rose Park community. Offering an easy route for commuters to and from White Rose Park, as well as for shoppers and Leeds locals, the new line will place White Rose Park as a central hub of connectivity.

When approved, construction is set to begin in 2028, addressing the region’s pressing transportation challenges and fostering benefits for commuters, residents, and businesses alike. Given West Yorkshire’s current heavy reliance on cars, transitioning to public transport presents an opportunity for a more efficient, eco-friendly, and interconnected future.

What this means

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, rightly describes this endeavour as “transformational for the North” – and it holds transformative potential for White Rose Park as well.

Not only does the increased use of public transport help to reduce emissions and congestion on our roads – it’ll be an affordable and efficient way for people to get from A to B.

The strategic location of the tram system is poised to shape a future where commuting to White Rose Park becomes effortless and our office campus is positioned at the forefront of connectivity.

For the White Rose Park community, this means more than just smoother commutes. It’s easier access to other things such as leisure activities, appointments, social engagements and more.

With several travel options already right on our doorstep, from cycling paths to easy bus routes, White Rose park is set to be better connected than ever before.

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